How to use RepairRabbit API?

To use RepairRabbit API, you need to whitelist your domains/subdomains (from where you are going to access the RepairRabbit API) with the RepairRabbit.

Whitelisting of the domain is necessary to prevent any unauthorized access to the API. So, Your data can be secured with the RepairRabbit.

The admin of the RepairRabbit can whitelist your domains/subdomains. It can be done from the API Settings of RepairRabbit admin panel.

Click “API Settings” menu

So, If your application is running at and you want to access RepairRabbit API. Then, you need to whitelist your domain with RepairRabbit.

Click “Add Domains To Whitelist” whitelist domain

Click “Whitelisted Domains”

whitelist domain

Once you are done with whitelisting of your domain. You are all set to go to consume RepairRabbit API.

The API documentation is available at .