How to Setup On Cloud


  • docker/docker-compose >= 18.03.0/1.18.0

You must have the project added to your server/machine and you should be in the root directory of your project.

In most of the cases, the default values will work but, you can change the values of the exported variables in file.

export NGINX_PORT=80
export APP_PORT=9000
export DB_PORT=33061

export MYSQL_DATABASE=repairrabbit
export MYSQL_USER=root

Run file to start installation


Now, wait for the installation to complete.

Once, the installation completes you can access the application at {YOUR IP}:{NGINX_PORT}.

For example,

To know the details of each configuration variable click here.

Shared Hosting Setup

Let’s assume you have extracted the zip package and you served index.php from the public folder.

  • Go to installation route

  • Provide Environment, Database, Company, Mail and one Super admin user information to kickstart the application.

  • Wizard will set the configurations required for this ERP.

  • To know the details of each configuration variable click here


If you fail to generate PDF on a server, create a fonts folder in the storage folder.