Launch customer web portal

Before the launch of the customer side, admin needs to follow these instructions.

  • Add device categories from Master Management.
  • Add relevant devices from Master Management.
  • Add products to each device from Master Management.

After adding device related information. Add the following data.

  • Add Stores and associated devices.
  • Add employees, store admin for each store.
  • If you provide accessories then add accessories from Master Management.
  • Add details about stock of each product and store created. It can be added from Inventory.
  • By default, RepairRabbit sends few emails to customers on certain actions. But admin can enable or disable it from Master Management.

Now, admin can launch RepairRabbit for customers.

To check the system use the following e-mail IDs and password:

Admin: email => [email protected], password => 123456
Store Admin: email => [email protected], password => 123456
Employee: email => [email protected], password => 123456
Customer: email => [email protected], password => 123456